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Garis & Hahn, This Land is Your Land, September (Oklahoma City, OK)
The Sunview Luncheonette, June (New York, NY)
Garis & Hahn, PLOTTING, April (New York, NY)
Bari International Film Festival, March (Bari, Italy)
NYC Pornography Film Festival, March (New York, NY)

Torino International Film Festival, November, (Torino, Italy)
Maysles Cinema, Hyperplace Harlem, October (NY, NY)
Transart 14, 'Entropy Symphony: Prelude', September (Italy and Austria)
Madrid International Film Festival, July (Madrid, Spain)
Garis & Hahn, DREAM BATTLES, February (New York, NY)

This Red Door, Schmooze the News, August (Berlin, Germany)
Cannes Film Festival, Court Métrage, Time Stau, May (Cannes, France)
Venice Biennale, CARP, with Disjecta, May (Venice, Italy)
92nd Street Y, The American Sacred Cows, with Carrie Ahern, June (New York, NY)
Gasser & Grunert Gallery, Panic in the Chalk Cave, March (New York, NY)

Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, I’ll Raise You One... (San Diego, CA)
Ampersand, There is No Finish Line, with Dan Gluibizzi, Sept. (Portland, OR)
Yalo Studio,Everyday Awards, August (Water Valley, Mississippi)
Leopold Hoesch Museum, Sucked up in the Devil’s Bed, June (Dueren, Germany)
Los Angeles Nomadic Division, Entropy Symphony: 3, February (Los Angeles, CA)
Gasser & Grunert Gallery, Ocularpation, January (New York, NY)

Museum of Modern Art, New Directors, November (New York, NY)
Art in General, I’ll Raise You One... November (New York, NY)

Gartenstudio, There is a Hole Only Germany Can Fill, December (Berlin, Germany)
Entwurf Direkt, December (Hamburg, Germany)

Studio Museum, November (New York, NY)

San Francisco City Hall, July (San Francisco, CA)
Mission 17, May (San Francisco, CA)
Gallery 138, March (New York, NY)

Venice Biennale, Venetian Interiors, with PS1 June (Venice, Italy)
Perihelion Arts Gallery, January (Phoenix, AZ)

Triple Base Gallery, Frank Prattle, December (San Francisco, CA)
Mama Buzz Gallery, October (Oakland, CA)

Littman Gallery, Dead People I Raped for You, November (Portland, OR)


Garis & Hahn, August (New York, NY)
The Knockdown Center, Bloomsday, June (New York, NY)
The Lost Lectures, Hyperallergic, June, (New York, NY)
Gallery Sensei, Performance Anxiety, May (New York, NY)

Palo Alto Art Center, I’ll Show You Mine, October (Palo Alto, CA)
Lady Fitness, Star Beast Rising, September (Berlin, Germany)
Neukölln Arcaden, Dutch Courage, June (Berlin, Germany)
Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), May (NY, NY)
Knockdown Center, The Lost Lectures, April (NY, NY)
Silent Barn, April (NY, NY)
Galapagos Art Space, This Red Door, February (NY, NY)
Portland Art Museum, January (Portland, OR)

The Andy Warhol Museum, August (Pittsburgh, PA)
Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien, September (Berlin, Germany)
Eyebeam, Monkey Town, July (New York, NY)
Storefront for Art and Architecture, May (New York, NY)
New Museum, Ideas City festival, May (New York, NY)
Moving Image, curated video fair, March (New York, NY)

This Red Door, December (New York, NY)
Ace Hotel, with Clustermag, November (New York, NY)
Family Business Gallery, August (New York, NY)
Manifesta 9, June (Genk, Belgium)
'We Shall Never Surrender' Performance Festival, June (Varazdin, Croatia)
Art Workshop Lazareti, June (Dubrovnik, Croatia)
La Maison Populaire, with AA Bronson, May (Paris, France)
SOMArts, March, (San Francisco, CA)

Performa 11, November (New York, NY)
Queens Nails Annex, October (San Francisco, CA)
Wall Street, August (New York, NY)
Node Center, June (Berlin, Germany)
Venice Biennale 2011, June (Venice, Italy)
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, April-August (New York, NY)
Capricious Gallery, February (Brooklyn, NY)

Queens Museum of Art, December (New York, NY)
Manifesta 8, Red76, October (Murcia, Spain)
By and By, October (New York, NY)
Galleria 3h+k, October (Pori, Finland)
Lincoln Center, September (New York, NY)
Werkstatt der Kulturen, July (Berlin, Germany)
Whitney Museum of American Art, May (New York, NY)
Louis V E.S.P., April (New York, NY)
Kunsthaus Hamburg, March (Hamburg, Germany)
Bruce High Quality Foundation University, March (New York, NY)

Photo Miami, December (Miami, FL)
PS1, NY Art Book Fair Special Curated Project, October (New York, NY)
CANADA Gallery, July (New York, NY)
Venice Biennale, June (Venice, Italy)
Hedah Center for Contemporary Art, May (Maastricht, Netherlands)
Guggenheim Museum, March (New York, NY)
Disjecta Art Center, January (Portland, OR)

Kran Film Collective, October (Brussels, Belgium)
New York Art Book Fair with Printed Matter, October (New York, NY)
Park Avenue Armory, with Creative Time, September (New York, NY)
The Park Gallery, August (Falkirk, Scotland)
Gallery Homeland, July, (Portland, OR)
Camera Cartell, Elektrohaus, June (Hamburg, Germany)
Canzani Center Gallery, February (Columbus, OH)
San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, January (SF, CA)

Gallery 138, December (Miami Art Fair, FL)
Newberry Gallery November (Glasgow, Scotland)
Roberts and Tilton Gallery, October (Los Angeles, CA)
Mina Dresden Gallery August (San Francisco, CA)
altSpace, June (London, UK)
Hinterconti, May (Hamburg, Germany)
Yerba Buena Center for Arts, May (San Francisco, CA)
Southern Exposure, April (San Francisco, CA)
Bucheon Gallery, March (San Francisco, CA)
Institute of Contemporary Art Philadelphia, March (Philadelphia, PA)

Steven Wolf Gallery, December (Miami, FL)
Egopark Gallery, December (Oakland, CA)
Anno Domini, December (San Jose, CA)
Disjecta, December (Portland, OR)
Centre for Contemporary Arts, November (Glasgow, Scotland)
Altered Esthetics, October (Minneapolis, MN)
International Symposium of Electronic Arts, August (San Jose, CA)
Auto Gallery, August (Oakland, CA)
Hall Gallery, June (Portland, OR)
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, June (San Francisco, CA)
Flux Factory, May (New York, NY)
Basil Hallward Gallery, January (Portland, OR)

Auto 3321 Gallery, October (Oakland, CA)
Disjecta, June (Portland, OR)

Basil Hallward Gallery, January (Portland, OR)
Mark Wooley Gallery, January (Portland, OR)

Elizabeth Leach Gallery, September (Portland, OR)
Process PCAC, October (Portland, OR)


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Solo show coming up at the divine
Garis and Hahn

Opening: April 2, 2015 - 6-9pm
April 2 - May 2, 2015

263 Bowery



Solo show coming up in late September 2015 in Oklahoma City.



A feature film co-directed with Josephine Decker
Will be out soon!



A feature film co-directed with Dirk Skreber
Will be out soon!



7000 singers stretching through 3 countries over the alps!
The longest choir in history!

May 22, 2016



December 2016
It's going to be a zinger!
Details to come....

Fellowships, Residencies, Grants and Awards:

The Fountainhead Residency, 2016 (Miami, FL)
Dogfish Film Residency, 2014 (New York, NY)
Gowanus Studio Space Print Residency, 2013 (New York, NY)
Asian Cultural Council Grant, 2013 (New York, NY)
New York Foundation for the Arts Grant, 2013 (New York, NY)
Shalini Ganendra Fine Art Residency, 2013 (KL, Malaysia)
Chashama Artist Residency, 2012 (New York, NY)
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, 2011 (New York, NY)
Southern Exposure Residency, NPR, 2007 (San Francisco, CA)


Zefrey Throwell is a NYC based artist who uses the mediums of film, performance, photography and painting to orchestrate his inquisitive perspective. Growing up in Juneau, Alaska with a background in philosophy and fine arts, his pieces question the status quo and pick at the underpinnings of our modern era. Throwell’s paintings are the culmination of his cross-pollinating practice and incorporate silkscreened images from his films and performances on bold fabrics that he hand sews. Throwell’s method is one of persistent investigation; it often starts with a short film or a performance piece, which probes a tangible social issue such as economic disparity, drug abuse, reclamation of public space, etc. Often the performances involve massive groups of people, such as the largest and loudest symphony in history- the 1,000 car horn orchestration entitled ‘Entropy Symphony III’ with LAND in Los Angeles and a weeklong strip poker critique of modern economics called ‘I’ll Raise You One...’ for Performa 11 at Art in General. Nine of Throwell’s films, including ‘Ocularpation: Wall Street’, have been screened at the Museum of Modern Art for a special night honoring Throwell’s work curated by Rajendra Roy, chief curator of film at MoMA. Throwell's first major museum presentation at the Leopold Hoesch Museum in Dueren, Germany 2012 included the film ‘Time Stau’ which later premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and is now being turned into a full length feature film. Throwell’s projects have been featured in The New York Times, CNN, NPR, NBC, Artforum, Art in America Artinfo and Modern Painters. Throwell has work in The Museum of Modern Art, NY collection and other major collections around the world. He is currently directing three feature films and organizing the longest choir in history- a 7,000 opera singer project that stretches over the alps from Italy to Germany.


Art International Radio
Red 76